My graduate collection existed from a need to search for a new romance. Inspiration came from romantic scenes from the pre-rafaelite period, but also images from the new romantic movement (punk in London around 1980), where romance is shown in a more rough light. The need for finding a new romance was a result of wanting to escape reality and a need to decorate and embellish.

In this collection, the focus was mainly on textile- and print design. In the process of creating, modernity was found by mixing the soft and detailed elements from nature with sharp, graphic elements like checks and circles. Playing with colors, structures and layers in prints, became an important and intuitive process. Primarily the technique of silkscreen printing was used to translate hand-drawn prints into a more spontaneous, rough end result. 

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The pre-collection started from a research in silkscreen printing. Inspiration came from highly decorated, embellished and detailed textiles of folklore on one hand, and the rough, charcoal texts and silkscreenprint layers of The New Romantics (punk in London around 1980) on the other hand. From this inspiration new prints were constructed, using only dots, checks and flowers. Playing with different structures, layers and forms resulted in the creation of a modern vision of romance. 

Photography: Valentina Vos (Witman Kleipool)
Hair and make-up: Magdalena Loza (House of Orange)
Model: Leyla van Ligtenberg (Linda Models)


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2013 – 2014